FOSL Volunteer Network – Get Involved!

FOSL Volunteer Network – Get Involved!

Following the campaign to save Stirchley Library in 2017, Friends of Stirchley Library is now focused on the future of the library. We want to support the existing library service and staff and keep the library at the centre of the Stirchley community for years to come.

Over the next six months, FOSL will establish a network of volunteers who can support the library staff and move towards the library being open more often and accessible to more people. Last year, lots of people in the community registered their interest in volunteering with FOSL. …

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Summer Activities + Summer Reading Challenge!

Mischief Makers: Summer Reading Challenge 2018

The reading agency and libraries present Mischief Makers, this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.

The challenge over the summer, is to read 6 books. To encourage this, your library offer incentives such as a collecting card, bookmark, wrist band and stickers.

Everyone who takes part and reads at least one book will receive a certificate, and if you manage to read all six books you’ll receive a medal as well.

For pre-school children, we also offer the Summer Mini-Challenge. Collect a sticker for coming to the library and taking books out. When you have six

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Look into your online life


  • Do you feel your digital self is slipping out of control?
  • Clicked “I agree” too many times?
  • Have you ever wondered if your smart gadgets know more about you than you do?

    Visit the Glass Room Experience, a pop-up exhibition on Data and Privacy, at Stirchley Library on Saturday 4 August 2018 – and find out from our informational and interactive exhibits on internet giants such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

    There will also be a Data Detox Bar where you can pick up an 8-day Data Detox Kit and ask members of the Birmingham

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No craft session this Saturday

No craft session this Saturday, we didn’t think we could compete with CoCoMad!
However, join us on Saturday 14th as we launch the Summer Reading Challenge with a BANG!
Its the first day to sign up to the challenge, and all day we will also be making some paper bangers. Great for scaring unsuspecting parents/siblings.

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Summer Reading Challenge

The library are looking for an enthusiastic 15-24 year old to help deliver the Summer Reading challenge in the library over the summer holidays.

If you know someone who might be interested, come and speak to the librarians at Stirchley Library or contact Beverley at CLSU, information in the poster.

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HOPE not HATE – Kings Heath Action for Refugees workshop

Kings Heath Action for Refugees are holding an event at the Library on 19th June at 7pm – held during Refugee Week, this event is a workshop delivered by HOPE not Hate on how to communicate effectively about the issues surrounding migration.

Changing people’s views is rarely achieved through the medium of good rhetoric or great speeches. What we believe is based on ideas about the world that are developed over many years. We tend to seek out information that confirm our existing beliefs, and ignore information that doesn’t.

This workshop focuses on the techniques needed to bring people

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New illustrations for Stirchley Library!

Suzie Mason has created these wonderful posters for Stirchley Library!

I’m a local childrens artist and I picked up one of the FOSL leaflets the other day. I love the colours that whoever designed them chose! It’s a really beautiful, standout scheme.

I decided to make some personal work using that scheme just for fun, and used the library events calendar’s existing posters as inspiration, I hope you don’t mind. I actually thought they turned out quite fun, so I thought I’d send them over in case you’d like to use them.

Aren’t they wonderful! Thanks Suzie!

To take a …

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Self-service machine prep! Can you help?

Can you help Stirchley Library tag books for the new self service machine?

“We’re asking for help preparing books to go through our self-service machine. This involves sticking in sticky tags and dotting the prepared books. We’re trying out a couple of Tuesdays 2-3pm. We hope some people will come and join in and help us.”

This Tues 15th May, 2-3pm.

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We have a self service machine!

Many of you will know that the library has recently been closed to undergo asbestos removal, the first step in vital repairs which will see improvements to the library building – resulting in a new boiler!

A more visible change, is the new self service machine, which we fundraised for last year.

Friends of Stirchley Library (library users), worked directly with our fantastic library staff and Liz Parkes, Birmingham City Council, in order to make this happen.

Another positive move for Stirchley Library!

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