Meet the Committee! Becky

FOSL committee member Becky explains a little about her involvement with Friends of Stirchley Library and what the library means to her…

How are you involved with Friends of Stirchley Library?

I initially got involved with Friends of Stirchley Library back in 2018/19 when a call went out for volunteers who wanted to support the library. I’ve always been a keen library user and advocate, and having previously worked within a university library I value the work and expertise of librarians. Whilst I wasn’t available to cover the available lunchtime volunteer shifts at the time due to work commitments, I really wanted to become involved with FOSL and offered my time to create and maintain the website. That led me to becoming a full committee member, and I’ve since been involved with supporting events and training new volunteers.

What does the library mean to you?

Growing up, my local library meant so much to me – it’s where I went to find my next favourite author and discover my new favourite album. When I relocated to Stirchley 10 years ago, Stirchley Library was one of the first places I was keen to explore. I’ve been a regular user of the library ever since, and particularly like the collections the library has developed on sustainability and art (the library having supported community groups focused on these areas). I can see during each visit just how much the library means to the community – it’s a truly welcoming, safe space for all.

Can you recommend a good read?

I’m a big fan of Jasper Fforde, and particularly his Thursday Next books. They’re about a literary detective who goes inside books from her futuristic time-travel world. Start with The Eyre Affair, but I recommend continuing with the whole series. Check the library catalogue here to find a copy.