What’s your favourite thing about Stirchley Library?

What does Stirchley Library mean to you?

Do you have any special memories of Stirchley Library?

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9 thoughts on “Show your love for Stirchley Library!”

  1. I remember going regularly to Stirchley library.
    We would swim in Stirchley swimming baths , visit the library and borrow the next week’s worth of books and then get chips from the chippie on the way home .. it was always my perfect Saturday
    There was something special about going through those doors and wondering what I would read next

  2. Stirchley library is hugely important for so many in our community. I love the library, it’s friendly, welcoming, relaxed, inclusive. I meet all sorts of different people there. I use the library 2-3 times a week, mainly to borrow books and to take part in the art activities work Stirchley Art Room. In previous years I used to come for the baby and toddler story tots and for children’s activities. The library was a lifeline to me then with children, and again now as an adult. I can’t really explain how important the partnership with the library and art room has been for me – for my mental health, helping me through losses, teaching me to enjoy art again, mixing with so many different people. It’s been hugely important. I’m devastated and angry that most of the cities libraries are now at risk of closure. It’s a statutory service and everyone should have a library in walking distance from their home.

  3. I lived in Stirchley for ten years and still visit often and the library was one of my favourite haunts. I borrowed hundreds of books over the years and found a quiet place to sit when I needed some time by myself as well as many wonderful interesting chats with the staff. It’s such a wonderful community hub, long may it continue!

  4. I love that whenever I come to Stirchley library I see someone I know. Its such a hub of the community. I’ve been coming here for years, I brought my babies here for stories and singing, and now they’ve read their way through most of the books and are experts at using the checkout machines. I’ve come to art and craft activities, borrowed recipe books and travel guides, and read lots of novels. Its a very special place that makes me feel connected and rooted in my community.

  5. My son and I love Stirchley library. We have been visiting weekly since he was born. My son absolutely loved the tots story time sessions when he was small. Now he’s almost 5 and he looks forward to visiting the library as often as possible.

  6. Stirchley library provides an irreplaceable safe space in the Stirchley high street and is a key part of the local community. The building itself is an important landmark with its architecture and presence, and always makes me feel welcome. The library hosts a community art class which is the highlight of my week and is a key creative outlet for me, and lets me meet other creative individuals.

  7. I’ve been bringing my two year old to Stirchley Library since she was a tiny baby and it is definitely her happy place. I love that, on those mornings it felt impossible to get out the house in time for stay and play, we knew we could go to the library for a warm welcome and stories and lego on that wonderful fairytale rug.

  8. I echo my sister’s memory of swimming, library and chips! Great times! One of my memories of the library is of a very high counter where the returned books were checked in and new books out on the other side. The counter did get lower as I got older – and taller – but there was something exciting about lifting the books up and on to the counter and waiting for the date stamp. I am sure we used to have cardboard tickets too but my memory is a bit sketchy on this. It was exciting to be able to sit in a corner with a new pile of books and start the difficult task of choosing which ones to borrow this time, reluctantly returning a few to the shelves for next time.

  9. Stirchley library is at the centre of the community for little ones and their carers. Story tots is an absolutely magical gathering of children under school age and their carers and is such an important part of the week for myself and my 2 year old and has been since we moved to the area. Resources like this are vital to preserve if we want young people to value books, language, reading and caring about your local community.

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