Pershore Road Past

1602 Pershore Road.

The section of the Pershore Road which stretches from Breedon Cross to Bournville Lane is very likely the “streete” which gave “Stretley Streete” (the old name for Stirchley) its name (see here). We were recently lent some family photographs of two of the houses on the street by Pam Hobson, a member of Stirchley History Group.

I wonder how many of the original doors, stained glass and decorated lintels (above the windows) can be found along the street? And other traces of the past lives of the buildings?

If you have any photographs of Pershore Street, or any other part of Stirchley and the surrounding areas, please feel free to send them to [email protected]

1602 Pershore Road.
1612 Pershore Road.